Wherever you are and whatever you do, EHS risk in the global oil patch is minimized using the right tools at the right time.

Risk Tool Box provides the E & P sector with practical EHS tools for reducing risk to ALARP across the project life cycle.

  • Exploration;
  • Drilling and completions;
  • Project development;
  • Construction; and
  • Operations.

Our EHS tools are deployed offshore and onshore and they’re used by Operators, EPCMs and other Contractors.

It’s not just oil and gas though; we also provide our EHS tools to Miners, Seafarers, Transport, Utilities, and a range of other industries.

If – like us – you’re working in the global oil patch, you’ll know that poorly controlled oilfield work is extremely high risk.

You’ll understand that it is essential that oilfield workers use practical EHS tools to keep the job safe.

Over the years, we’ve developed and implemented a range of practical EHS tools that reduce risk in oilfield work.

Our business is built on training people, implementing the tools on site and improving EHS performance.

If the sound of our practical approach to keeping the oil patch safe is interesting, please check out the rest of the website.

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