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Description Price Quantity
Job Safety Analysis Manual $45 per manual
JSA Pocket Card
(100 cards per pack)
$150 per pack
Hazard Spotting Pocket Card
(100 cards per pack)
$150 per pack
Manage the Job Safely Pocket Card
(100 cards per pack)
$150 per pack
Hazard Management Playing Cards
(52 cards plus jokers in a box)
$20 per pack
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If a package is found to be incorrectly addressed by Risk Tool Box (RTB) then RTB shall be responsible for the re-delivery, or replacement of the package. If the Customer is found to have given an incorrect or insufficient address, then RTB will not refund or resend the product and responsibility for correcting delivery will be borne by the Customer.

We cannot mail items to PO Boxes - we require a street address.

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We give you the choice to pay for products through bank transfer or to pay by cheque. If the Customer credits money to the incorrect bank account number, and the correct number was provided to the Customer by RTB, then RTB will not accept responsibility for correcting payment and the goods will not be dispatched.

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For Australian delivery addresses, all prices are exclusive of GST which must be added to the total sale price.

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    • loss to;
    • personal injury death or illness of;
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    • disappointed expectation of;
    • accident befalling;
    the purchaser or any user, arising out of any negligent act or omission, breach of any duty imposed by statute, breach of any law of the place of destination, tort (whether intentional or unintentional), or breach of a contractual term, whether expressed or implied or breach of duty arising under or imposed by any law on the part of Risk Tool Box, its servants or agents or of any sub-contractor or supplier of any product or service on the Web Site.
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