Our tools

Using the right tools at the right time is essential if you’re to keep your oilfield workers safe and protect the environment.

You’ve already attempted to raise hazard awareness but you’re still not happy with the level of hazard recognition.

You’re concerned with safety performance or the quality of your JSAs.

Your incident investigations keep on turning up a lack of hazard awareness, or a failure to implement a JSA as causal factors for your incidents.

Your risk assessments often end up in “bun fights” over insignificant details.

If so, you’re like many of our customers who’ve come to Risk Tool Box to help them turn these problems around.

Is it any wonder that many oilfield workers are confused about safety?

Hazard Observation, Hazard Spotting, STOP, Step Back 5 X 5, Take 2, Take 5, ZIZI. You’ve probably heard the names but are these different tools; or are they just the same?

JHA, JSA, TRA, TRIC, RTRA; what are these tools all about?

Let’s not even start on PRA, QRA, LOPA, FMECA, and Bow-tie Analysis!

At Risk Tool Box we provide simple solutions that everyone can understand and use.

So what else makes our tools so different? Open the PDF to find out more!

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