What we do

Oilfield work can be extremely high risk. That’s why oilfield workers need the best EHS tools.

We’ve provided practical EHS tools to Chevron, Shell, Woodside Energy, Eni, Petronas, Santos, Hess Corporation, and others.

Our tools are based on good science which is both technically correct and grounded in the reality of oilfield work.

Because we’ve seen what works in training, implementing and improving EHS culture for operators and contractors, throughout our tools, you’ll find an explanation of the energy model of hazards.

You’ll also find our unique Think 6, Look 6 process.

You’ll discover that our tools foster a clear understanding in all managers and workers about the key risk management terminology.

Lastly, we know how important it is that we share a commonly understood risk management language.

Benefits we provide:

  • Clear understanding about hazards;
  • Think 6, Look 6 process for managing hazards; and
  • Clear use of risk management terms within all of our tools.

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